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What Is Gmail 
G-mail is a free POP3 and IMAP webmail service provided by Google. In the United Kingdom and Germany, it is officially called Google Mail.

Its developer is Google, whose original version was implemen-ted on 21 March 2004.

What is the Full Form of ID in Gmail ID?

Email Id Full Form is "Electronic Mail Identity Document"

When did Gmail come?
The Gmail project was launched several years before Google developer Paul Buchheit made public the announcement that initially only Google employees could use this email internally. Finally, on 1 April 2004, Google announced Gmail to the public.  

Gmail Domain Name
Prior to the acquisition of by Google, the domain name was used by a free email service called which was the comic strip website of Garfield, after moving to a different domain. , That service was later discontinued.

 As of June 22, 2005, Gmail's canonical URI was changed from <code></code> to <code> / </code>.

The domain is not available in some countries, so users are able to use a domain called The Gmail service does not differentiate between these two domains so email sent to "" john.  Doe will come on @ and it is also possible to reverse. Accordingly, the users selected by the user of the domain will not be able to choose

What is a Gmail account?
www | Gmail Login Mail Sign In - Sign In
Gmail Login Mail

Email means Electronic Mail. It can also be called the full name of the email. Email can be called the modern means of sending letters.  Today email is prevalent from homes to Government Offices.  Government and semi-government offices, or you should say that today your email is asked everywhere, so that you can be easy to contact.

There is a lot of similarity between E-mail and letter, but to write a letter, you need a pen, you need a paper, after that you have to give a stamp before sending it to the post. Gives the address at that address and your letter reaches its right place. But it takes some time for the letter to reach the right place. Apart from this, there is the fear of losing the letter on the way. It also costs.

But in the email you do not incur any expense nor waste of time and fear of losing the letter is all you need for internet and device. By email you can send your information in no time or someone can give you information If sending, you can get it soon. Just for this, you should know the email address of the person to whom you have to send your information.

You will have the advantage of this that you can keep that information secret by sending your information to another person through Email.

There are many free services that you can easily use such as Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail etc. All of them are the same, for this we will tell you about Gmail. Let's create a Gmail account. But first, what is a mail address?

How to Create Gmail?
In this, we are going to tell the fastest way to create Gmail ID.  From mobile

How to create Gmail Account ID from mobile: step by step guide

By the way, you can create gmail id through mobile with many applications, but I will teach you how to create gmail id by setting in it and it will be ready easily and you can remember email id and password easily. We will be able to keep and login to our mobiles from there too, let's start.

1. First you have to go to your mobile settings.
2. Then something has to be clicked on Accounts and sync below.
3. Then click on Add Account at the bottom.
4. Then many options will come from them, click on google.
5. Now a new inter-face will come in front of you, it may ask you the mobile of your mobile and it opens direct in any mobile.
6. Then you have to click on Create Account at the bottom left side, then a new page will open.

7. Then you put your name and surname above at the bottom of which you want to create a Gmail account id. Then click on next.
8. Then a new page will open in which the option to write your date of birth will come. After filling it, in the gender below, if you are male then select male and female.  Then click on next.
9. Then you will get some options of Gmail I'd click on whichever of them you want to choose your Gmail. And click on Next.
10. As soon as we click on next.  You will be asked for a password, according to your memory, write the password both above and below, but click on Next to click. Then you will have Gmail access, click next par below and add this Gmail to your mobile.

Now you have Gmail account id ready.  Always remember the Gmail you selected and the password you entered. So that you have no problem. Comment for any problem related information.

How to login sign and mail in Gmail account
1. You have to first search Gmail in Google or open
2. You must have a Gmail ID and password to login.
3. Now you have to enter the ID and password at the appropriate place.
4. Now click on login. You will be logged in!
5. To send mail to any person, click on the compose option or pencil icon and send your message!
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What I told you in this article What is Google Gmail When did Gmail come?  What is a Gmail account?  How to create Gmail?  If you have any other questions related to how to login and mail in Gmail account, please comment and share it to your friends.