Scientific Name Of Dog

Scientific Name Of Dog 
Scientific Name Of Dog
Scientific Name Of Dog

Dog Scientific Name Is:

Canis Lupus Familiaris

More Information Dog:  

Dog: This is a species of wolf clan. It is known as one of the main Animals of Human Pets. Rabies is a chronic disease affecting the nervous system of The Dog by the dog. Its female is called bitch and cub is called puppy. Its average lifespan year is usually up to 12 years. This organism lives between the forest and human society, it is omnivorous type of organism.

Dog's Role With Humans

The value of Dogs to early humans was helpful in making dogs comfortable in cultures around the world. The Dogs nickname "Man's Best Friend" from dogs impact on human society.

Initial Role Dog:
Wolves and their canine descendants, living among human camps, will receive their major benefits such as greater protection, more reliable food sources and greater chance of breeding. Also, humans must have benefited immensely from Dogs living near their camps. The dogs cleaned the wasted food and would alert the camp about the presence of predators or strangers. The anthropologist is confident that the early humans would have enjoyed the special advantage of the Dog's sensitive sniffing power in the hunt.  Early co-existence of humans and proto-dogs greatly increased the chances of survival. Emigrants from Siberia would likely cross the Bering Strait with Dogs as friends.  Dogs were more important in Native American tribes, they used them to carry weights.

As Pets Dog:
Dogs have a long history of being known under domestication. Scientific Name Of Dog During an excavation in Israel, the archaeologist found the remains of an elderly human and a puppy aged between four and five months buried down together. Initially the dogs were kept under domestication to protect the house.

But with the passage of time, dogs became part of human life and family. Dogs were shown on TV under Adarsh ​​Pets and several popular TV shows were performed showing dogs as heroes.  According to the National Pet Owner Survey in 2009-2010, only 7,75,00,000 people in the United States own a dog in the pet form.
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