Scientific Name Of Tulsi

Scientific Name Of Tulsi  

In the article, explaining the information related to Tulsi like how this Plant is, its medicinal properties and the Name of its species, along with understanding the medicinal importance of Tulsi, you are explaining the Scientific Name of Tulsi.

Scientific Name Of Tulsi
Scientific Name Of Tulsi

Tulsi Scientific Name Is:

Ocimum Tenuiflorum

More Information About Tulsi:

Tulsi - (Ocimum sactum): It is a dicot and medicinal plant. Basil grows under the bush. And is 1 to 3 feet in height. Its leaves are covered with light fur with a purple aura. The leaves are 1 to 2 inches long, fragrant and oval or rectangular in shape.  The floral manjari is very soft and 8 inches long and with multicolored hues, which are covered in very small heart shaped floral circles with purple and pink aura. Tulsi seeds are oval in shape with small black markings of flat yellow. New Planets grow mainly during the rainy season and thrive in winter. The plant normally remains green for two-three years. Then comes its old age. The leaves become shorter and smaller and the branches appear dry. At this time there seems to be a need to remove and Plant a new Plant.  

Major Varieties Of Tulsi:

The following species of Tulsi are commonly found:

   1) Ocimum American (Kali Tulsi) Gambhira or Mamari. 

   2) Ocimum vessilicum (Marua basil) munzariki or mursa.

   3) Ocimum Vesilicum Minimum. 

   4) Aasimam Gratissikam (Rama Tulsi / One Tulsi / Aranyatulsi).

   5) Ocimum kilimandercicum (Karpoor tulsi)

   6) Ocimum Sactum 

   7) Ocimum Viridi.

Medicinal Importance Of Tulsi:

    Tulsi is considered revered in the Indian culture, apart from having religious significance, it also has medicinal properties. In Ayurveda, basil is given special importance due to its medicinal properties. Tulsi is a medicine that is mainly used in diseases. Its use has been considered very beneficial and useful for colds, colds, dental diseases and respiratory diseases.

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