Weather is a condition of the environment, such as to Describe Whether it is hot or cold, cool or stormy, dry or wet, clear or Cloudy.  On Earth, most Weather events occur just below the stratosphere. 

  That is, it is in the lowest level of the planet's atmosphere. Weather refers to day to day temperature and Rainfall Activity.  But climate is a longer term than average for atmospheric conditions.

 When used without qualification, "WEATHER" is generally understood to mean the Earth's weather. 

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weather "weather"

Nowadays in this time of internet, many people collect Weather information through the internet and for the information about today and tommorow on the next day, they get weather information only with the help of website or android application. 


Weather is governed by the difference of air pressure, temperature and humidity at one place and another.

  These differences may be due to the angle of the Sun at a particular location. Which varies with latitude. The strong temperature contrast between polar and tropical air gives rise to the largest-scale atmospheric circulation.

Headley Cell, Ferrell, Polar Cell, Cell and Jet Stream. Due to the instability of jet latitudes, weather systems, such as external cyclones, occur in the middle latitudes. Because the Earth's axis is tilted relative to its orbital plane (called the elliptical), sunlight is at different angles at different times of the year. 

the Earth's surface, the temperature is usually ± 40°C (F40°F to 100°F) yearly. In thousands of years, changes in the Earth's orbit can affect the amount and distribution of solar energy received by the Earth. Thus, it affects long-term climate and global climate change.

Surface temperature differences in turn cause pressure differences.  Higher elevations are colder than lower elevations. Because most of the atmospheric heat is caused by contact with the Earth's surface. But radiation losses to space are mostly constant.

 Weather forecasting is the application of science and technology to estimate the future time and the state of the atmosphere for a place. Earth's weather system is a chaotic system.

 As a result, small changes in one part of the system can have large effects on the entire system.  Human efforts to control the Weather have occurred throughout history.  And there is evidence that weather patterns have changed in human activities such as agriculture and industry.

Studying how Weather works on other planets is helpful to understand How Weather works on Earth. A famous landmark in the solar system, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, is an anticyclonic storm that has existed for at least 300 years.

 However, Weather is not limited to planetary bodies. A star corona is being continuously lost in space, essentially a very thin atmosphere in the solar system.

  The speed of mass ejected from the sun is known as solar wind.

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