How To Create A Blog Wapsite For Free On Blogger & Make Money

How To Create A Blog Wapsite For Free On Blogger & Make Money

How To Create A Blog Wapsite For Free On Blogger And Make Money
Create A Blog Wapsite


How are you guys, I will tell you today How To Make a good Money Making block. And you can earn millions of rupees by sharing a simple post from that block. To make this blog absolutely free in Wapsite, you will learn How To Create A Free Blog for a few minutes in this article step by step.   

How To Create A Free Blog You search many websites on the Internet. You may not be able to Create A Free Blog there but on our website we have explained everything very easily with the help of screenshots for you, which will help you a lot in making blocks and you You will also get the answer to the question how to make a good Free Blog And Earn Money.

How To Make A Free Blog Website And Earn Money

I have told the complete guide of How To Create & Make Blogger Step By Step with the help of screenshot below and follow them and make a good money making block.  

• To make a Good Blog, first of all you have to go to Wapsite on Google Wapsite on Google

• After that, according to the screenshot mentioned in front of you, the interface will come in that you have to click on Create Your Blog.

Create Your Blog Blogger how to

• As soon as you click on Create Your Blog, whatever email will be in your mobile, click on any email you want to create your blog and enter your password and login further.

Create Your Blog password Gmail account

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• After this, if you already have a block made on your mail, then it will be in front of you otherwise you will click on the lift above as per our below screen shot to Create A New Blog.

Create A New Blog Blogger

• After that you will see the option of New Blog, click on it and your block will start to be created. See the next step in the screenshot below.

New Blog Blogger

• After this, you will be asked to write the name of your blog in front of you (Chose A Name For Blog). Write the name of whatever name you want to keep. And click on Next

Chose A Name For Blog

• As soon as you click on Next, you will be asked to enter the URL of your Blog (Chose A Url For Your Blog) Here you have to enter the URL of your block i.e. the name of the block, further free will be written as mentioned in the screenshot. Gone and you click save.

Chose A Url For Your Blog

• As soon as you click above, your Blog Is Ready, Now you need to make your knowledge post public in it, see our screenshot below to write a post.

Blog Is Ready Blogging Blogger

• As soon as you clicked on the CREATE POST option, according to the screenshot below you will see on the inter, in which you have to write about the Title Above and the Post Below. After that make that Post Public.

Title Above and the Post Below Blog Post

• Now you have to write other posts like this and keep your blog moving forward.

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This information will tell you very soon How To Earn Money from a Blog. But when you blog is ready to earn money, when you have at least 50+ articles on your blog or you get Organic Traffic From Google, then in that case you make good money for wapsite. Therefore, you keep uploading good articles on your blog and also find how to earn money from the blog on the internet, you will get more information.

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