For Google Chrome

For Google chrome

One of Google's product that is becoming popular and famous around the world today.  Information about that, which has brought all the information related to Google Chrome inside this article for you. Hope you like this article and you will also get help.

Google Chrome is a web browser created by Google with open source code. It is named after the graphical user interface (GUI) frame.The name of this project is Chromium.And it has been released under BSD license.

On September 2, 2008, a beta version of Google Chrome for Microsoft Windows operating system was released in 43 languages. This new browser will be based on open source Linux code, which will also allow third party developers to create compatible applications.

For Google Chrome by Google
for google chrome

I gave you some introduction about Google Chrome, which you may have found simple and nice.Through its further information, I am going to tell you its features as well as its benefits below. And yes, I urge you to share it

Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome was built with better security, better speed and stability in mind. The most prominent feature of Chrome is its speed and application performance.

 Its beta version was launched in March 2009. New features that were added in this version include form autofill (form autofill), full page zoom (full page zoom), auto scroll and a new type of drag tab. 

According to the website of this browser, it is similar to the traditional Google homepage in view and is fast and clear.Using Google Chrome does not open a blank page directly like other browsers, but rather shows a thumbnail view of the last few webpages most used by the browser user, which when clicked opens the desired page.(See: picture below) For this reason the user is able to navigate to his desired pages soon. 

The advantage of OmniBox available in it is that you can search Google without opening Google. For example, just inserting the Olympics in the address bar tells the website address related to it, as well as the facility to recover incomplete and incorrect addresses. Google account login

The task manager icon present in this browser can provide information about how much memory (memory) is being used in which process.Also, if a website is not running, it does not matter on the other site.

 It also asks the user if he wants to come back to the same page or open a new page when the computer system is suddenly shut down and then opened by crash recovery. Encognito does not cause user IP address leaks, which increases security.

There are some sites where for the first time loading something will take less time, then the number of times it will increase. Each site gets information about its surfers from its IP address. 

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Advantages and disadvantages of using Google Chrome

Chrome uses the tab system just like the Opera web browser. In this tab system, it is automatically used to create history by adding history to new tabs. As soon as you click on the new tab, it automatically displays the saved pages in the box. Earlier, this feature of saving favorite sites in a new tab was available only in Opera's browser. 

The biggest drawback so far supported by Google was that the default search engine was Google, which lacked the features of Gmail etc. directly from the homepage. Later in IE-7, there was a facility to maintain many homepages simultaneously. But its drawback is its slow pace.

 In India, 128 KPBS speed is called broadband speed, while in the western countries the speed of 1 Mbps falls in the broadband category.The average Internet consumer works at this speed. In small towns and rural areas, this speed is only 76 KPBS. In this case, EE-7 is very slow. Here Opera, Safari and Firefox are somewhat better in this respect, but at such a low speed no browser can work properly. For this reason, IE-6 has been used more.

Using Chrome, no bar appears above the browser, which had file, edit and option buttons. The exact reason for removing it is not known, but it increases the size of the window considerably. Better visibility is also achieved using 14 to 15 inch monitors.

 Yes, some options could be selected by clicking directly, for which it has to resort to some shortcut keys. One drawback to Chrome is that it does not provide a refresh option on the right click of the mouse. There is also a goodness with this deficiency, that is the secret page.If surfing without records, you can use Google secret window.

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