Google Docs

Google docs is a product powered by Google itself. Information about this is given below.

In today's article, I have given you all the information related to Google doc's in order of you in detail, which is considered as a product of google, google docs. All the information about it will be told to you so that you must know its complete information or you can comment about it below. Gmail Login Logout Secrets 

google docs
Google doc's

Google Docs 

Google Docs is a word processor incorporated by Google within its Google Drive service as part of the free, web based software Office Suite. 

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 The service includes Google Sheets and Google Slides, a spreadsheet and presentation programs, respectively. Google Docs is available as a web application, mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and desktop application on Google's ChromeOS. 

 The application is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. The application allows users to create and edit files online, collaborating with other users in real time.

 Edits are monitored with changes by the user presenting the revision history. An editor's position is highlighted with an editor-specific color and cursor. The permissions system controls what users can do. 

 Updates include features using machine learning, including Explore, providing search results based on the content of the document, and action items, allowing users to assign tasks to other users.

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