Full Form Of FTP

In today's article I have explained What FTP is and its Full Form. And all other information related to ftp is included in the article.
Full Form Of FTP
FTP Full Form
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is used to upload files to the Internet. With this, you can access your computer and hosting server files at one place. And drag-and-drop can move. It is a medium through which we can exchange our files. 

 In this, files are exchanged between 2 computers through TCP / IP connection.  When the web developer creates a website, the files of that website have to be uploaded to the server. And FTP is used for this, which helps to upload, download, delete, copy, and move large files to the server. Whatever data, content, themes are in the web developer who creates the website, it is kept secure in one place.

 So that if you want to make any changes, then you can easily do it, and FTP works here.  Keeps all the data of your website and computer as per rules. Which you can easily access anytime.

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