How To Make A Tea With Milk

Tea is not only a Drink, but it is a part of the Culture of our Country. It is auspicious in our civilization to Welcome homegrown guests with Tea. Not only in India, but in many Countries it is a custom to Drink Tea.  In today's article, we will tell you How To Make Tea and How To Make It Step By Step.
How To Make A Tea With Milk
If a Cup of Good Tea is found in the morning, then a new passion, new enthusiasm is added. By drinking tea, we feel refreshed as well as laziness runs away.  New agility comes.

How To Make A Tea Step By Step

• Always pour the tea leaf in Boiling Water, it will give its color and flavor properly.

• Boil once more by adding milk and Sugar According to your taste.

• Boiling too much makes the tea taste bitter. Therefore, keep time in mind while making tea.

• If you like the taste of light tea, then use leafy tea.

• Use fine tea for bitter tea. how to make a tea step by step

• Which is most prevalent, use granulated tea for pink tea.

• There are many types of tea leaves, such as (fine tea) tea powder, Granulated tea or large leaf tea.

In the article, we told you how to make a tea and told you the method of making step by step tea, now you too can make tea and people will give friends and share this article.

How to make a tea step by step in English & Hindi with tea powder bags without milk Indian tea with milk