Home Grocery Store Items And Price List PDF

Home Grocery Store Items And Price List In PDF

Friends today, I have brought a list of such groceries or Home Grocery Items List 2021 for you.

Which is going to help you a lot in buying all the Grocery Items of the house.

And yes one more thing, if you want, you can also prepare a pdf of the list of Grocery Store Items Name List.

A list of the rates of all Grocery Store Items is given below in the article, which is under the name of the goods. Please read 

You go to the market but do not forget to bring some Saman home, for this you will be able to buy or buy all the groceries. The below list of items from the Grocery Store will benefit you immensely.

Home Grocery Store Items List With PDF

In this list given by us, the list of ration items as well as the List Of Groceries has been updated, as people read the articles related to it, similar to the kitchen of the ration house. While searching more, we have also Down–Load the pdf of Artical prepared list of kitchen ration and groceries items keeping in mind everyone. If you want, you can also Down–Load the pdf of this Artical.
Home Grocery Store Items And Price List PDF
Whatever Grocery Store's Items you want to bring home, we have written the same in the list below. Which will help you.

1. Powdered Masala For Kitchen
  •      Salt
  •      Red chili powder
  •      Garam masala [Garam masala]
  •      Baking soda
  •      Coriander powder
  •      Amchoor powder
  •      Manchurian masala [Manchurian masala]
  •      Chowmein masala
  •      Turmeric powder
  •      Pav bhaji masala [Pav bhaji masala‌]
  •      Sambhar masala [Sambhar masala]
  •      Baking powder
  •      Custard powder
2. Pulses Name
  •      Arhar Dal [Arhar Dal]
  •      Urad Dal [Urad Dal]
  •      Moong Dal [Moong Dal]
  •      Moong chilka dal
  •      Whole Moong [Sabut moong]
  •      Black chana
  •      White chana
  •      Chana Dal [Chana Dal]
  •      Rajma [Rajma]
  •      Whole Urad Dal [Sabut urad Dal]
3. Kitchen Grocery Spices
  •     Fennel [anise]
  •     Long [Cloves]
  •     Rai [Rai]
  •     Cumin [cumin]
  •     Celery
  •     Fenugreek seeds
  •     Coriander [coriander]
  •     Small cardamom [Small cardamom]
  •     Asafoetida [Asafoetida]
  •     Dry gourd
4. Grocery Flavor and Sweetener Items
  •      Wheat Flour [Atta]
  •      Flour [Maida]
  •      Suji [Suji]
  •      Besan [Besan]
  •      Rice
  •      Good [Jaggary]
  •      Corn flour
  •      Basmati rice
  •      Sugar [Sugar]
  •      Honey

5. Cooking Oil In Grocery Stores
  •      Rice bran oil
  •      Butter
  •      Ghee [Ghee]
  •      Soybean Oil
  •      Refined soybean oil
  •      Refined sunflower oil
  •      Kachi Ghani mustard oil

6. Tea and Snacks Items
  •      Tea [Tea]
  •      Coffee [Coffee]
  •      Sugar
  •      Dry fruits
  •      Peanuts [Peanuts]
  •      Bread
  •      Brown Bread
  •      Popcorn [Popcorn]
  •      Namkeens [Namkeens]
  •      Chips [Chips]
  •      Crisp [Kurkure]
  •      Pasta
  •      Toast [Toast>
  •      Biscuits [Biscuits]
  •      Makhana [Makhana]
  •      Noodles [Noodles]
  •      Chips Pasta
  •      Crunchy
7. Breakfast items
  •      Butter
  •       Poha [Poha]
  •      Copra [copra]
  •      Oats [Oats]
  •      Simaiya [Simaiya]
  •       Saline
  •       Sabudana [sago]
  •       Dry fruits
  •       Corn flakes
  •       Murmura [Murmura]
  •       Chocos [Chocos]
  •       Vinegar [Vinegar]
  •       Yeast [Yeast]

 8. Other Grocery Items
  •      Toothpaste [Toothpaste]
  •      Brush [Brush]
  •      Toilet cleaner
  •      Soap [Soap]
  •      Nirma
  •      Laundry Soap [Washing Soap]
  •      Kapoor [Kapoor]
  •      Sindoor cloves [Sindoor cloves]
  •      Frankincense [Frankincense]
  •      Bay leaf
  •      Katha [Kattha]
  •      Lakh [Lakh]
  •      Musk [Musk]

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Home Grocery Items Rate List Today

List of groceries or home grocery items rate rate or ration ration today, which is almost mentioned, all types of rates are given below.

  • Flour: 27 to 35 rupees per kg.
  • Sugar: Loose 40 to 42 rupees per kg.
  • Salt: 10 to 20 rupees per kg.
  • Rice: 35 to 40 rupees per kg.
  • Moong Mogar: 113 to 118 rupees per kg.
  • Chana Dal: 62 to 67 rupees per kg.
  • Mix dal: 95 to 100 rupees per kg.
  • Suzy Loose: 30 to 35 rupees per kg.
  • Native sugar: 42 to 44 rupees per kg.
  • Besan Loose: 68 to 72 rupees per kg.
  • Tea leaf loose: 200 to 240 rupees per kg.
  • Flour Loose: 30 to 35 rupees per kg.
  • Turmeric Powder Loose: 160 to 200 Rs.  Per kg
  • Oil (soybean): a li.  100 to 110 rupees per liter
  • Oil (soybean) tin: Rs 1600-1620  Per 15 kg
  • Red Chilli Powder Loose: 200 to 240 Rs.  Per kg
  • Rice Parmal: 55 to 60 rupees per kg.
  • Rice Basmati Loose: 100 to 120 rupees per kg.
  • Coriander Powder Loose: 120 to 140 Rs.  Per kg

 Saman & Rate List PDF

Note: Friends, let us tell you that this grocery stuff rate list today article in which whatever sentiment we told you will be updated from time to time. It may be that the same rate as the grocery store in your area is different from this list but it will not be too much.

 People also asked / FAQs
1. How to Build a Shop?
You will need a good mechanic to design or build a good shop of yours.  After this you have to install the necessary wardrobe rex to keep your belongings in it.

2. How to run a grocery store?
Friends, everyone can run the grocery store but the successful person is the one who does his business with little patience and good behavior. That is more profit and profit.

3. How much does the grocery store have?
If your grocery store is in a good and high number area then your profit and profit will probably be more. But still you should always be ready to increase your business to do more.
4. How to start a grocery store?
Everyone can start a grocery shop but there is always a need for good strategy and preparation. You can also find information related to how to start a shop on the Internet.

Probably we have told the article well for you on the list of home grocery store goods and its rate list.  Which should have helped you a lot, let us know by commenting! Grocery Items list in Telugu and Tamil in India with price.