Google Photos Login – Sign In |

Google Photos Login – Sign In

Today's article will be very informative for you, because I have cleared all the dots in this article regarding Google Photos. What is Google Photos? Use it like this? How to upload or save photos on Google Photos. Just like the question of Google Photos has been mentioned in the article.

So now let us first know in this article what are Google photos.

Just by downloading the Google Photos App, he has to login with his Gmail ID and select the photo from Gallery, upload it to Google Photos. Apart from mobile, you can also save photos from your computer to Google Photos.

Google Photos Login | Sign In –
Google Photos Login

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is a service of Google, with the help of which you can store your photos and videos on Google's servers forever.  Google Photos was launched in May 2015, here you can save up to 16 megapixels of photos and videos with 1080p resolution for free forever.

Google Photos App is in the mobile of all Android users. If you are an iOS user, you can download its from the Apps Store. All you need to do is to set your photos once to save their lifetime, after which any photo you click with your camera is automatically uploaded to Google Photos.


No one other than you can see your data in Google Photos, so you do not have to worry at all that someone else will be able to access your data.

You can save unlimited photos and videos in Google Photos and you do not need to pay anything for it.

How to save your photo in Google Photos?

To use Google Photos or other Google services, you need a Google Account ie Gmail ID, if you are an Android user, then your Gmail ID will already be created, if not you can click here to Gmail How to create ID

           • How To Create a Google Gmail Account & Address

Google Photos should be understood first because many users do not take into account some important things in a hurry, due to which they lose their photos or videos. Below you have been told how to use Google Photos well, as well as some important things related to it.

#Step 1– After opening Google Photos on your phone, this app has to be allowed to store photos and media from your phone, for which click on the Allow button, then click on "Turn on Backup" to take Backup at the bottom.  Button has to be clicked.

#Step 2– After clicking the Backup button, a new dashboard will open in front of you. There are 2 main settings options, in which the first option is to upload photos and videos of quality that you want to upload to Google Photos. Original Quality, High Quality and Express

   * Original Quality - In this, the photo or video you click on from your phone will be uploaded on Google Photos, meaning if a photo is 10MB it will be uploaded to 10MB, but keep in mind that you only have 15 GB  After that you get the free store and have to buy the store from Google.

   * High Quality - It has a free unlimited store here, where you can store as many photos and videos, Google's technology compresses the photo to 16 MP, if you have a photo that is 25 MP then it is here  After the store, it will automatically be of 16 MP.

 In this option, you can save and keep HD video. However, there is no visible difference in the quality of the photo, just the size of the photo changes.

   * Express - In this option the photos are compressed to 3 MP, with this option you can store the video in MP4 i.e. 480p.

Step 3– In this step, you can select how many MB of your mobile data you want to use every day for uploading photos or videos to Google Photos, many times it happens that you click a lot of photos but  Out of them, you like only a few and you delete them from your phone, but by then the photos have been uploaded to Google and your data is also exhausted.


For this, you can select 30 MB every day or according to your need, if you are using WiFi, then in that case it will not be applicable and all photos or videos will start to be backed up.  You can also change it later.

Step 4– After doing this, your photos and videos will start being saved in Google Photos. You can click on your photo in the top right side corner to see how many photos are left to be backed up, below this the photo which has been saved in Google Photos has also been given the option to delete it. You can delete them from your phone by clicking on them.

Important things about Google Photos

1] All photos taken from your phone are visible in Google Photos, whether the photo or video is backed up or not, to check whether a photo or video has been backed up, click on it and then Click on the 3 dot, now if the backup has been done, then it will get the option of “Delete From Device”.

2] You have to always remember the Gmail account you are logging in because when your mobile is broken or lost then you have to log in with the same Gmail ID to get your data back.

3] If any of your photos or videos have been backed up in Google Photos and you delete them, you can restore it back within 60 days, for this you have to open the menu and click on the button of Trash whose  After 60 days, all the deleted photos will be visible, by clicking on the button of Restore, you can get the photo or video back, this is a collection of ways.

4] The data stored in Google Photos remains as long as your Gmail ID remains, so never delete it and always remember your Username.

5] In Google Photos you get the option to select your phone's folder, in this the photos and videos taken from the camera are automatically backed up, if you want to save any other folder in Google Photos, then in the app above Click on the 3rd line and click on the Device Folders button and select the folder to backup.

6] In Google Photos, you can share any photo or video with anyone, here you can also share many photos by making a sharing link.

7] You can also edit photos in Google Photos, Google Photos is the cheapest and secure platform to store photos online.

8] You can also give access to Google Photos to your partner and if you want, you can also set a special folder or time in it, in which the front row will be able to access only that much.

How to get photos from Google Photos to Gallery?

Now if you want to save your photo from Google Photos in mobile in future, first open that photo, then click on the 3 dot in the right side above, now you will have the option to download that photo in the phone.  In Google Photos, you cannot download a lot of photos at once.

Google Photos Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. 1) How to undelete deleted photos in Google Photos?

 If any of your photos or videos have been backed up in Google Photos and you delete them, you can restore it back within 60 days, for this you have to open the menu and click on the button of Trash after which 60  All deleted photos will be visible within the day, by clicking on the button of Restore, you can get the photo or video back, there is a collection of ways.

Q. 2) How to find backup photos in Google Photos?

 To find out how many photos or videos have been backed up in Google Photos, click on your Google Profile Picture as soon as you open the app, now you will be told how many photos and videos are left for backup.

    In another way, you open the photo or video and click on the top 3 dot after which if the backup has been done, then the option to Delete from Device or Download will come.

Q. 3) Is Google Photos Free?

 All Gmail users can use Google Photos and it is absolutely free, unlimited photos and videos can be saved online here.

Q. 4) How to get photos from Google Photos to Gallery?

 First open that photo, now click on the top 3 dot after which the option to download the photo will come.

Q. 5) How to use Google Photos in PC

 You can use Google Photos in computer also, for this you have to open Google Photos in your browser, you can also open it by clicking here - Google Photos

In the computer, you can store photos or videos by clicking on upload, besides you can also upload by drag & drop.

I hope that you understood very well how to use Google Photos, and in the future you will store your photos and videos on Google Photos itself, if you have any questions or suggestions, then you can reach me with the help of comment box. Must deliver.

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