Yes, there is a word that we use to give someone our permission. Further article, we will give you all kinds of information related to this word.  So what do you mean by that? Definition of yes in simple words?  And its uses are also going to be told in the order below.

Definition of "Yes"
The word yes is used to give some kind of permission.
  Someone asked you how you liked this article. So when you have liked the article while answering, you use the word "yes".

"Yes" means meaning
Yes means in hindi language - हां

Yes, we are telling you about which place you can use it in the use of yes below.

Use of yes
   • To grant permission.
   • When you agree.
   • When your answer is positive
 In this article, in which we told you about yes, how did you like the article, now yes comment has been written.