Google Forms Login – SIGN IN / https//

Google Forms Login – SIGN IN #https//

Google Forms is a product powered by Google. Information about this is given below.

In today's article, I have given you all kinds of information related to Google Forms in all the detail for you in a sequential manner, which is considered to be a product of google form Google forms. All the information about Google Forms will be told to you, so that you must know it's complete info or you can comments about it below.
Google Forms Login – SIGN IN : https//
Google Forms Login : SIGN IN

Google Forms Login - SIGN IN

First of all, Login To Google Drive with your gmail id. If you do not know about google drive, then click on the link given above and read about google drive first. When you login to google drive, after that you click on New> More> Google Forms.

Now a sample Google Forms will be seen in front of you. Now first you have to understand all its elements, only then you can create google forms. I have explained all the elements below the image with details.

Friends, as you all know that on the blogger platform we cannot upload the file, but if you are running your blog on the blogger platform, and you want to add a PDF file to your blog, first of all you should You will have to upload the file on Google drive, after that you will have to add its link in your blog post. 

In the same way when you have to take any information from your users, you need a form for it. On the WordPress platform, you can create via the form plugin. But on Blogger platform, you have to write the code to create the form. But if you want to create and add a form on blogger platform without writing code, then you can use the form option provided by Google drive.

So, in today's post, we will learn what is Google forms? How to make Google forms Login Sign In and create?

Hello friends, what is Google Form in this post today. And how to create a form. I am telling you about it, so read the post till the last, after that you will also be able to make a good form.

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The form has become very important to receive (collect) online information. With the help of the form, we can collect (collect) the data of different people at the same time.

The form is used for taking feedback, for online survey, for contact, for registration and for event registration, if you too need to create a form, then you have come to the right post. Today I am going to give you complete information about making the form, but before that, let us know what is Google Form.

What is Google Form?

Google Form is a platform where we can create our own form for free. After creating Google Form, we can share our form in social media account, in email. And you can also add the URL of the form to your website. So that anyone can register in our form or give their Response.
https //
Google Forms Login – SIGN IN : https//
Google Forms Login – SIGN IN

Google Forms is an easy and simple tool, here anyone can easily create forms for personal and professional work. In order to create a form in Google Form, we do not need any type of coding. We can easily create our own form through Google Form without coding knowledge.

To store anything online or photos and videos, we need online storage, because everything we see online. There is definitely a store somewhere. And Google Drive is used to store your Google Form.

Google Form connects to our Google Drive. And when we create a form through Google Form, then our form is stored or saved in Google Drive. And with this, we can edit the form from the Google type and see the response in the form, so let's start friends and know how to create a form using Google Form.

Google Forms Login - SIGN IN

How to create a new form in Google Forms - 
To create a form from Google Form for your website or for any other work, follow all the steps mentioned properly, after that you will also be able to create your own form.

1. First of all, you open the Google Form website, click here to go direct - Google Form. https //

2. Once the Google Form is open, move your mouse over the plus (+) icon here.

3. Now you will see two options here, you click on the pencil icon here so that the New Form will open.

4. After the New Form is opened, now we have to create the form here. Before that, we get to know about some features here, so that we can have ease.

    A. Add Questions – We can add questions by clicking on the + (Plus) icon.

    B. Import Questions – Using the second option, we can import questions.

    C. Add Title and Description – You can add Title and Description by clicking on the icon of Tt.

    D. Add Image – You can upload the image in the form by clicking on the icon of the image.

    E. You can add YouTube videos to the form by clicking on Add Video - Video icon.

    F. Add Section – By clicking on the last double line icon, we can add section in the form.

 4. To create the form, first of all we have to give The Title And Description of the form, then click on the untitle form and write the name of the form in the title and in the description you can write about your form.

 5. After adding the title description, now we will get a question box already, so we have to type the question in it. By clicking on the untitled question, you can write your question here.

 6. After typing the question, in the same side you will see a Down Arrow in which you can select the answer type, which type you want the answer to be in paragraph or short choice by paragraph.

 7. Now you select Answer Type here, I am selecting Paragraph here.

 8. After selecting Paragraph, now any user who will fill the form can give his response in Paragraph.

 9. Below the Question Form, you will see some options using the Copy button, you can copy the Question Form, using the Delete button, you can delete the Question Form, by enabling the Required option, you make that question necessary. Can. Unless the users give an answer to that question, they will not be able to submit the form.

 10. Now we have to add new questions, then we first have to click on the icon of plus. So that the questions form will be added.

11. You can add an image to your form by clicking on the Image Icon.

 12. You can add YouTube video to your form by clicking on the Video Icon.

 13. By clicking on the double line icon, you can create different sections in the form.

 14. To move the Question Box Or Any Box From its place up and down, you first click on that box, after that you will see 6 dots above, by clicking in those dots, you can move the box up and down. .

 15. Now you can Create A Good Form by using all these features in the form Title box, question box, image, video and section.

 16. After the form is created, now we have to set the theme of the form (Color).

 17. Now click on the theme icon above, and change the color of your form.

 18. After the form is created, now you click on Send.

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 19. Now if you want to send the form to someone by email, then you type its email id here and click on Send and the form will be sent.

 20. Now if you want to share the link of your form, or you want to create, then click on the link button.

 21. Now you will see a link here which you have to copy, and you can share it wherever you want, this is a link to your form, after copying the link, now you click on the cut (X) button above. Can.

 22. Now you open the copied link in New Tab.

 23. As soon as you open the link in the New Tab, the form will be opened, and as it will be visible to everyone, you will also see the same from here, you can also submit by adding details.

 24. Now whoever wants to submit your form by filling it, will be able to submit the form by logging into Google account.

 25. Now we have created our form with the help of Successful Google Form.

 In this way we can create personal and professional forms for ourselves using Google Forms Tool, and collect data from a lot of people at once by adding it to the website or sharing it on social media.

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How to check Google Form Response

After creating Google Form and after sharing the form in social media and website, now we will also have to check which people have responded to our phone, then tell further to check the response of the form Follow all the steps taken properly.

 1. To check Response in Google Form, first of all we have to open Google Form, after that we will be able to see all the Response in our form.

 2. First of all, you open the Google Form website, click here to go direct - Google Form

 3. After the Google Form website is open, now you will see all the forms here, whatever you have created, then click on the form for which you want to see Response.

 4. Now your form will open in your screen, then click on Responses here.

 5. Now the Response in your form will open in your screen, you can check all the Response from here.

 6. Now we have successfully checked the Response in our Google Form.

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Friends, I told in this post that Google Forms Login Sign In. What is Google Forms? How to create Google forms? I hope that now you will create the form according to your own and will be able to share it with your friends and user. To share, you have to click on Send button and from there you have to select the option through which you want to send your form. I hope you have liked this post very much, share this post with your friends and also tell how helpful this post was for you.