Google Photos Delete, Still You Are Uploading Photos, In Google Photos

Google Photos Delete , Still You Are Uploading Photos, In Google Photos. Google Photos App Sync Your Photos Even After [Uninstalling It]

Whether You Want It Or Not, Your Photos Are Uploaded On Google Photos App

In this article of today, we will tell you such special thing related to Google Photos, which is particularly salient. You delete the application of Google Photos, but still your photos uploaded to Google Photos of Google continue to be automatic. You do not know this thing, so you read the entire reason, in this, you will be given information related to very special kind of Google Photos, and how you can prevent automatic photos being uploaded on this Google Photos. We have also explained about this below. Read this article's till the last, so that you can get completely information.

Even After Deleting, Your Photos Go To The Google Photos App

Whether you want it or not, your photos are uploaded on Google Photos app.

Even if you do not want to Uninstall the app, your photos continue to be uploaded to the Google Photos app.

If you have deleted the Google Photos app from your Android phone, still the photos lying in your phone keep Syncing. That is, even if you do not want to uninstall the app, your photos continue to be Uploaded To The Google Photos App.

Google Photos Login

According to a report, if you install the Google Photos app on your Android phone and sync the photos. Later you have uninstalled this app, so it does not mean that the New Photos in your mobile will not sync in the app. On the contrary, without your wish, the photos will go on Google Photos app without any app.
Google Photos Delete, Still You Are Uploading Photos, In Google Photos

So It Happens
Let me tell you, this, says that, as soon as someone installs the Android users photo app, it shows the autobackup settings option, which starts the photo syncing after turning it on.  After this, when you uninstall it, the photo sync does not stop.

This Is How To Avoid Automatic Syncing

* If the user wishes, he can turn off photo syncing.  
* For this, you will have to turn off Google Photo Backup by going to the Google Settings menu.  
* Photo syncing will stop as soon as it is turned off.  
* After this, users can take any kind of photo from the phone.  
* At present, users are advised to turn off the settings after uninstalling the Google Photos app.

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