How To Upload Photos To Google Photos From [Mobile And Computer]

How to upload photos to Google Photos from mobile and computer

How to upload photos to Google Photos from mobile and computer

Hello friends, how are you in this article today, I have brought a very funny article for you. In which I will teach you to Upload Photos on top of Google Photos via mobile and computer, and will also tell some very different types of benefits below. Which you are going to like very much, so read the article till the end, do not forget to read the benefits of the end, I will teach you How To Upload Google Photos in mobile before the beginning.  After this, you will be taught to upload your photo by going to the Google Photos website in the computer, so you read the entire article carefully.

 So now let us first learn how to upload photos from mobile to Google Photos.

How To Upload Photos From Mobile On Google Photos.

 If you want your mobile photo to be uploaded to google, then you can also backup your mobile google photos through google photo app, but for that you will have to go to play store and download google photo app.

 * Once you download the Google Photos app,
Google Photos Login

 * Automatic Google photos login will appear in your Gmail ID,

 * Now you will go to your phone's gallery how to save google photos to gallery and,

 * Click on the photo that you want to upload to Google Photo,

 * After clicking, you will see the option of share,

 * Okey on it like you would okey on google photo share,

 * Many options open whatsapp facebook bluetooth etc. in front of you,

 * Out of all those options, you have to click on the uploaded photo,

 * After clicking, the photo will be uploaded to google photo,

 Now you have learned how to upload photos to Google Photos via mobile. Now after this in the same series, how do you upload your photos on top of Google Photos via computer. Let me explain step to step below.


 How To Upload Your Photo To Google Photos Via Computer.

 * First of all, you have to login to Google Photos by visiting the Official Website Of Google Photos in your computer.
Google Photos Login

 * As soon as you login to Google photos, your Google photo will open in front of you,

 * Now, two options will appear on your right hand side, create, upload,

 * Click on the upload option from them,

 * After clicking  , a new screen will open in front of you,

 * In which you will see the folders of all the computers,

 * Click on any photo you want to save google photos,

 * Your photo will be saved

 Now that you have learned to upload your photos on both mobile and computer, I hope you must have seen uploading a photo, now let me tell you, how you can get these photos. You can download all these photos anywhere, anytime by visiting the website of Google Photos. And by logging into mobile through your Gmail ID, you can also get it through Google Photos application.

 You can download this photo anywhere by logging into your Gmail account on any device.  So you saw how easy it is to save a photo in google mobile, and you know how to save a photo in google.

 Now let me tell you some special benefits of Google Photos, which is very important for you to read, read all of them carefully so that you can take advantage of all these benefits through Google Photos.

 What Are The Benefits Of Google Photo Service
 * In Google Photos we can take backup of our photos

 * Once deleted photos in mobile, you can bring them back.

 * You can edit your photo in Google Photo

 * Share your photos through Google Photo Service

 * Unlimited space available for uploading photos.

 * You can download and upload photos from your mobile.

 * 100% free photo uploading website

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 In this article you have to upload your photo from mobile and computer and see some special benefits of Google Photos, if you like all this information, please comment, and if you have any problem, please contact Or we can also read other articles related to our Google photos.